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Green growth
The ethical issue is heating up across the UK and Chaos remains ahead of the curve, with a growing range of collections all created from recycled, ethically certified metals. Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, The Real Price of Gold (aired Monday 27th June), raised the public’s awareness of the topic; although we felt that the programme was not well presented and the facts about the industry were not checked properly, many of the members of the public interviewed said that they would prefer recycled metal to newly-mined gold and silver, if it was available – a thrilling result.

Chaos continues to grow
Our coverage is increasing as we continue to supply the growing demand for ethical jewellery, with Chaos now appearing in 24 leading retailers across the country, including members of the Houlden’s buying group.

The Jewellery Awards
As well as this Chaos was recently a finalist for Brand of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards; it was fantastic to see the brand’s success acknowledged like this, despite being less than a year old!

Dennis, Yasmin and Jonathan
Chaos Founders